Hong Kong
Scheme of work
Description of the stages of a typical delivery from China, gives an idea of ​​what our work consists of.

Customs clearance

The goods are already in Russia. This is a pleasant moment for you - you will soon receive a long-awaited load, and for FREEL employees it is still a hot time to work. Customs clearance is a scrupulous process, requires special care and does not tolerate errors. When it comes to relations with government agencies, one should understand the specifics and expect "pitfalls". It is difficult for a newcomer to predict them; only rich experience in the field of customs clearance and good relations with customs authorities will help to overcome bureaucratic procedures. We guarantee high-quality paperwork, which excludes customs fines, protocols and expenses for storage of cargo arrested at the border. FREEL customers receive customs clearance in the shortest possible time.

Customs clearance

The stages of customs clearance that we will perform:

  1. Registration and submission of the customs declaration with its simultaneous registration in the customs authorities.
  2. Verification of the legitimacy of the classification of the declared goods, codes in accordance with the established classifier of TN VED, as well as the country of origin of the declared goods and the implementation of the relevant non-tariff regulation.
  3. Verification of compliance with the established norms of currency control and verification of the correctness of determining the customs value of the declared goods.
  4. Checking the correctness of the determination and payment of the amounts of customs payments.
  5. The actual inspection of the declared goods and their subsequent release.

According to the results of the passage of all the specified stages of customs clearance of the CCD, a registration number is assigned and from that moment on such a declaration is considered accepted.

You do not need to study the ever-changing legislation in the field of customs clearance; FREEL will do this for you. We are responsible for ensuring that your cargo successfully passes customs and is with you with the entire set of documents confirming its legal import into Russia.