Integrated Logistics System
Hong Kong
FREEL is an experienced importer of goods from South-East Asia.

We will arrange for you to search for the goods of interest and develop the optimal route for delivering cargo to anywhere in Russia. The scheme of work of the FREEL company is based on timely delivery of freight and high quality of service, consists of 5 stages:

All you need is to decide which product interests you, the remaining issues will be dealt with by the specialists of the FREEL company.

We have extensive experience in delivering goods from any country in Southeast Asia, so it will not make it difficult for us to find even a rare cargo.

Proper clearance of goods for export is a complex process, which has its own subtleties and on how professionally they are executed, the success of the delivery of goods to Russia depends.

Customs clearance includes: transportation of goods to a customs warehouse, preparation of a certificate, fire safety declarations, sanitary-epidemiological conclusion and other export documents.

Entrust your cargo to the company FREEL - our professionals will carry out the preparation and delivery of the cargo on board the vessel qualitatively.

Complicated customs procedures are completed, your cargo on the ship. From this point on, you can track the route of its movement throughout the entire journey using a satellite positioning system.

At your request, information will be sent to the email.

We guarantee high-quality paperwork, which excludes customs fines, protocols and expenses for storage of cargo arrested at the border.

FREEL customers receive customs clearance in the shortest possible time.

Cargo arrived from the countries of Southeast Asia on the territory of Russia.

From here, the staff of the company FREEL will deliver it to any point of our vast country in the way that is convenient for you: railway, air or car.

Find out the approximate cost of transportation of goods by sending a "Request transportation cost" to FREEL specialists. Provide the necessary information, and our staff will let you know the cost of transportation in a short time, and you will appreciate the cost-effectiveness of delivering the goods of interest.

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